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Site Council Minutes 5/16/11

Site CouncilJoanna CrumpComment

Climate/Discipline *  Discussed multiple ways to address the concerns around bullying *  There is a distinction between a bully (consistent, on-going behavior), bullying behavior, and conflict resolution.  Conflict resolution is a skill we want to develop in our children. *  Suggestions/ideas discussed -  Engaging more parent volunteers during recess.  At the parent volunteer training session include parent education.  Include Counselor Lynne in the volunteer training to discuss methods for parents to use when helping supervise on the playground -  Include a consistent message of community and respecting each other throughout the year -  Encourage and help kids to approach adults for help -  Newsletter with info - how to talk about issues at home with kids and other topics -  More diversity education with students *  Counselor Lynne and the Climate committee will continue to work on improving CSS's climate

Election of the chair *  Russ Hensley elected Site Council chair for next year

School Improvement Plan *  Goals:  will continue with writing for a second year and add math / reading goals

Professional Development *  Planning to have Jules as constructivism resource again next *  Jeff Creswell will be used again next year to help develop the community storyline *  Late opening professional development topics:  constructivism and storyline can use roughly 1/2 of the slots

Data Team Update *  Name change to PLC (Professional Learning Committee) *  Will be focusing on writing again next year *  Considered math but want to give people a year to work with the new math curriculum that is coming next year

Math/TAG/Tech Update *  Trying to figure out the issues with the technology lab.  Seems to always be some kind of issue that is happening in the lab which slows down and impacts classes when they try to use the lab. -  Suggestion:  are their IT parents in our community that might be able to help maintain the lab? -  Have a new library/media specialist role be hired next year.  This person may have the skills.

Bookroom Upate *  Books organized by Subject / Author and picture vs chapter books *  Moving reading series books to the teacher lounge