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Site Council Minutes 4/11/11

Site CouncilJoanna CrumpComment

Nike Innovation Fund * Majority of funding for this school year focused on training. * Datawise process will continue next year and is embedded in SIP (School Improvement Plan)

Pickup & drop off Safety * Letters have been sent home from headstart adminstration to address concerns with all parents picking up and dropping off at CSS * Jay will continue to support safety by being present out front * Need to include a consistent message right at the beginning of next year * Also need to discuss with new principal whether he plans to be present out front or if we need to think about other options

School Improvement Plan * Jay shared a one-page summary on the update process and changes (available for anyone that is interested)

* Key changes: Writing will no longer be a mandated goal.  Schools will identify their goals using the DataWise process and align them to District Milestones. Equity - template contains a new page to describe student data by race and how it informs the development of SIP goals. Compliance -  multiple items

Staffing * Jay discussed a intial staffing timing and approach by the district with and without the Levy passing * Jay also share some of the requirements from the district around enrichment periods * More to come in throughout April and May

Committee updates

* Technology/Math: K-5 has a brand new math curriculum K-2 are getting training in common core standards

* Climate Working on a document about common rules and expectations (before, during, & after school) Working on reviewing discipline policy No dodge ball with the rubber balls due to safety concerns of how hard the ball gets thrown

* Datawise Observation day planned for April 21st