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Site Council Minutes 3/14/11

Site CouncilJoanna CrumpComment

• The new Site Council bylaws were discussed and ratified. Site council and committee meetings will be held at the same time from 4:00 to 5:00. All committees will meet and share out at 5:00. Parent elections will be held by April for next year they will begin serving in June. Staff elections will be held in August. Terms for all seats will be for two years.• Andrea McCarter presented a Data Team report. The Data team is developing a schedule for teachers to observe each other teaching writing lessons. Teachers will have pre and post observation meetings to discuss the lesson and give feedback. A question about how the data team work will be supported next year was raised. The Data Team work will continue next year and Jay will check to see if there will be any funding from the Nike Innovation Fund Grant. • Keri Discussed the MHRC Grant for technology. It was later decided that the grant would not be submitted because we lack matching funding. The grant will be sought next year. • Drop off and pick up rules for the 5 minute parking zone in front of the school were discussed. Parent volunteers will be sought to assist in educating and reminding drivers of the rules. • The April Site Council agenda will include discussion of the School Improvement Plan for next year and professional development for April – June.