Creative Science School

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Garden & Outdoors

Creative Science School sits on four acres of lawns and fields, and the garden group and outdoor committee are working to design and build a masterpiece on our blank canvas. There is a fledgling garden in our courtyard that is home to a worm bin, compost bin, and small greenhouse in addition to the the many growing things planted and tended by students, teachers, and parents. In the past, CSS has teamed with the nonprofit groups Friends of Trees and Depave to plant dozens of trees along our back fields and create spaces for gardening and relaxing in the Kinder Garden and alongside the playground.

For the 2017-18 school year, Creative Science School proudly partners with Portland Earth Art and Agriculture, the education division of Outgrowing Hunger, for our outdoor education program.

The garden program begins September 21st, with Lauriel Amoroso, our new Garden Educator.  Lauriel is a certified teacher, master gardener, and doctoral student at PSU.  She brings a wealth of experience and passion for outdoor education to CSS. We are excited to have her!

Each class, grades K-5, will meet Lauriel in the garden on Thursdays for an enriching outdoor learning experience.  Parents can support our teachers and students by volunteering during your child’s outdoor classroom time.  Speak with your teacher or classroom liaison about his or her volunteer needs.

Our garden and grounds thrive through parent involvement! Any help makes a difference and creates an inviting learning experience.

Want to help but can’t attend?  Please contact Catherine Cody for more opportunities.