Creative Science School

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The goal of the PTA at Creative Science School is an excellent education for our kids. We are committed to unifying our school around constructivism and storyline, supporting the needs of every student, and listening to all ideas and concerns. 

The PTA at CSS has a history of serving many functions, but one of our most important roles is to serve as a fundraising organization. Throughout the year we ask our community to get involved with raising much needed funds, which are spent on classroom support, additional enrichment, community-building events, library enhancement, etc. State funding for public schools these days is quite minimal, so the PTA steps in to help fill the gaps.

Most of the money raised by the PTA goes directly to the teachers to support their classrooms and students. The PTA also funds after-school enrichment opportunities in the arts, music, the purchase of library books and materials for students and teachers, school building improvements such as murals and artwork, care and improvement of our outdoor spaces and playground (including the purchase of recess equipment), and annual community activities such as the Halloween Party and the Montavillage Festival. If you'd like to get involved, contact us! New talents, skills, and voices are always welcome!

PTA Organizational Chart

PTA Meeting Minutes