Creative Science School

critical thinkers, courageous problem-solvers, compassionate community builders


We are excited that you have chosen to explore Creative Science School for your child’s educational experience. We are a community of students, families, and teachers working together to make our school a successful and meaningful educational choice.

Our School

Creative Science School is a focus option Portland Public School for children in grades K-8. Students are encouraged to be independent thinkers, learners, and problem solvers. Our students develop and demonstrate the ability to create questions, formulate solutions, and apply results throughout their lives.

Though our name might imply otherwise, CSS does not focus specifically on the sciences. The “Science” in our name refers to the school’s approach of using the scientific method as a teaching tool. The scientific method consists of collection of data through observation and experimentation, and the formulation and testing of hypotheses and predictions. And, as our name does imply, we do this creatively! At CSS, our teachers use the constructivist educational philosophy and the storyline approach in every classroom.

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