Creative Science School

critical thinkers, courageous problem-solvers, compassionate community builders


  • Backpack with your child's name on it (preferably large enough to hold a winter coat).

  • Sturdy water bottle with your child's name on it.

  • Lunch box with your child's name on it (if your child will be bringing lunch from home).

  • Change of clothes in Ziplock bag (labeled with your child's name) to store at school. Please include shirt, pants, socks, and underwear.

First through 5th grade

$25 towards class community supplies.


  • For Rosie's class: A box of tissues and a 2-inch binder.

  • For Mr. Linder's class: A box of colored pencils and two sturdy pocket folders

  • Optional items include Band-Aids and environmentally-friendly cleaning spray.


$35 towards class community supplies.

For monetary donations, you can pay online here or bring in a check or cash to Kate in the office.